Alterations to Limekiln Lane Car Park


Proposed works to Limekiln Lane car park include a new access, an improved surface, lighting, drainage and landscaping. When complete, the alterations would accommodate 30 coaches.  Additional planting is included to enhance the area.


Coaches will continue to pick up and drop off in the town centre.


The project will enable the release of Hilderthorpe Coach Park for redevelopment once the Hilderthorpe Road highway improvements are complete.


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Traffic and congestion

Is the planned route suitable and will it cause traffic congestion?
A transport assessment has shown that the route is suitable and safe. Coach trips are expected to account for less than 2% of daily traffic movements; this use is well within the road capacity.  The Limekiln Lane rail bridge will see the construction of a second footway for pedestrian safety and the introduction of a traffic priority arrangement.
Will the service buses be affected?
No.  They should continue to operate as they do now.
Will coaches affect air quality? 
As coaches will be less than 2% of the vehicles using the route they will not make a significant impact on air quality along the route.
How do you expect coach passengers to walk to the town centre?
We don’t.  We expect coaches to continue to drop off and pick up at the harbour/spa/leisure centre/Sewerby and then park at Limekiln Lane.
How will this affect car parking on the site?
There will still be plenty of car parking as Limekiln Lane has lots of spare capacity and less than a third of the existing car park will be used by the project.
Will it encourage coach drivers to hang about longer at the town centre drop offs?
No, the existing drop off and collection system is established. This will be monitored and if it becomes a problem we will work with parking enforcement to move coaches on.



Landscape character and heritage coast

Will the works affect the heritage coast?
The project is contained entirely within the existing car park and does not affect the heritage coast or the Flamborough Head Site of Special Scientific Interest.
Will the site be affected by coastal erosion?
No. The base of the cliff is protected by existing coastal defences and the council is committed to maintaining those defences in its Coastal Management Plan.
What will be the effect on the open area adjacent?
The neighbouring recreational, open space is unaffected by the works and will continue to be available for the public to enjoy as they currently do.




Why not use the park & ride site?
There is insufficient space to create the area needed for coaches without an unacceptable level of reduction in car parking capacity. Use of the P&R is increasing and has already this year reached capacity on occasions.
Why not use Moorfield Car Park?
Because of the location of the level crossing and the width of the roads, Moorfield is unsuitable for a coach park.
Why not use Carnaby Industrial Estate?
The estimated cost of creating a new facility at Carnaby was high and the location was considered to be unattractive to coach operators.
What about other locations?
The council looked at all sites under council control which would be large enough to accommodate coach parking.  No other site was identified as suitable.
Will the Coastguard’s operations be affected?
The Coastguard’s operations are not affected.
Will the Yorkshire Ambulance cabin be retained?



Antisocial behaviour

How will you prevent unauthorised overnight camping?
Unauthorised overnight parking would be dealt with through the normal legal powers.
Will coaches use the parking area in winter or overnight?
It is planned to remain open all year round with overnight use by prior booking only.



Covenant on the land

Is it true that this site was donated to the people of Bridlington so they could continue to have a green area to walk dogs and not be developed?
No.  When the land was conveyed to the Borough of Bridlington (the council’s predecessors in title) no covenant regarding use of the land as a green area was attached, and a consideration was paid for the land; it was not donated.



Future development

Could this act as a northern park and ride?
This is not currently included in the proposals.  However it may be a future option.
Will the development change the status of the area and allow for further development?
No.  This is not a change of use so the status of the car park will remain the same.