Bridlington and Driffield Local Links Forum

The Bridlington & Driffield Local Links Forum is responsible for enabling community groups, through joint working and sharing of knowledge, to have the ability to play a significant role in improving the lives of the people of Bridlington, Driffield and the surrounding area. It also seeks to include local people in regeneration activities and allow them to take ownership of the process.


The terms of reference for this group are:

  • Seek to build the capacity of the local Community Sector;
  • Create an inclusive group with wide representation from community groups;
  • Through this process of capacity building, explore ways in which local people and organisations can play a full part in regeneration activities;
  • Act as a focus for Community Groups to come together and discuss good practice;
  • Act as a mechanism for community groups to be informed on regeneration plans.


The next Local Links Forum meetings is:

  • TBC


Local Links Event 26 September 2017.pdf
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Local Links Event 25 April 2017.pdf
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